• Magnum Global Media blends the latest in cutting-edge production technologies with award-winning presentation.

    Magnum Global Media

It’s not just what we do – it’s who we are.

Since man has walked upright, we have shared our stories. From cave 
drawings to high definition we have continued to find ways to record and share our experiences. Magnum Global Media is consistently at the forefront of this curve, delivering a high quality product that blends the latest in cutting-edge production technologies with award-winning experience. Whether a glossy pilot episode for a major cable network, a documentary-style adventure production, a field and stream outdoor series, or a high-end commercial or industrial video, Magnum Global Media’s talented team of professionals raise the bar on any form of video application.

Magnum makes it easy for clients by assigning a specific producer to each project who works closely with the client guiding the job from the initial creative phase all the way through to post production and the final cut. Magnum simplifies the process while amplifying the quality…

Whether it’s an idea or a defined project, feel free to call one of the producers at Magnum Global Media…406.961.0025


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Our award-winning productions have graced some of the top networks in North America. To see the full scope of our work, click here.