• Join James Brion, Tim Herald, Gary Joseph and Rob Dunham each week as they hunt the furthest reaches of the globe exclusively on the Outdoor Channel and Wild TV

    Magnum TV

Outdoor Channel / Wild TV

Magnum TV caters to an older, more affluent viewer who’s interested in global wilderness adventures and exotic big game animals. Unlike most hunting shows, Magnum TV is not whitetail-centric. It’s a hardcore, international hunting and adventure ¬†show on The Outdoor Channel, hosted by four hunters who travel around the world in search of big game. There’s an aspirational quality to the show, in that each episode will be seen as a “trip of a lifetime” for the average hunter. Each episode will be shot with dramatic, awe-inspiring scenery and edited to tell one store that romanticizes a truly majestic adventure.
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Premium Placement

Magnum TV airs third and fourth quarter on the Outdoor Channel in the United States, and on Wild TV in Canada. Founded by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen, Outdoor Channel features quality programming designed to educate and entertain sportsmen of all skill levels.

Full Episodes

Please check out a few full episodes of Magnum TV to see the unique power that Magnum Global Media has created in this format.